Red Veins (Telangiectasia)

Thermo-coagulation: Thermo-coagulation, often referred to as Veinwave, is a diathermy (heat) technique used to destroy thread veins.

The perfect choice for facial thread veins as well as fine thread veins in the legs that are small.

How does thermocoagulation work on spider vein?

Thermo-coagulation works, as the name suggests, by coagulating the blood in the thread veins by heating them, this then leads to permanent destruction of the thin-walled and tiny veins. The heat is applied using the end of a minuscule needle, which just pricks the very surface of the skin that is overlying the vein, the vein itself is not punctured.

Applications of heat are applied every 2-3mm along the veins which can be seen to disappear immediately. In a 15-minute treatment session, approximately 30cm of vein length can be treated.

What causes red veins, thread veins, spider naevi, broken capillaries?

They can all be hereditary or are sometimes caused by damage to the skin such as squeezing a spot or an injury. Blood spots sometimes appear after a general anaesthetic.

Red veins can be caused by exposure to harsh conditions such as wind and sun or smoking, washing with hot and cold water, poor skin care, pregnancy, certain medicines and many other causes.

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