Seborrhoeic Keratosis

Also referred to as seborrhoeic warts or Senile warts, seborrhoeic keratosis are a very common blemish usually seen from middle age onwards.

They are not actually warts, but most easily described as an ageing or thickening of the skin.

Seborrhoeic wart removal

Senile wart removal is a highly requested service at the Sandalwoods Blemish and Wart Removal Clinic. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures also known as Advanced Electrolysis are very effective, quick, easily tolerated and cost effective.

What do seborrhoeic warts look like?

Seborrhoeic Keratosis’ can grow to be quite large in size with a rough surface. They may start off flesh-coloured, commonly becoming darker through to a deep brown. They may have a scab-like appearance. Common on the torso, can also affect the face and limbs.

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  • Ultra high-grade effective beauty treatments on offer locally in a lovely relaxed setting plus the well laid out website and online booking process work really well.

    I’ve had excellent results with facial micro-needling and RF skin tightening to improve collagen production and treat both deep and surface wrinkles. Also very good treatments to remove solar keratosis and other small bumps and imperfections giving perfect results. I was blown away by a previous treatment for spider vein removal on my cheeks which was quick, the results speedy, long lasting and totally transformative. If you need encouragement I recommend booking a facial, and with Barbara’s extensive experience and knowledge, you can ask to talk through any concerns you wish to address for future treatment options that best suit your needs.

    Sandalwoods is my go-to, I will be re-booking.

    Helen Knight
  • "Visited Sandalwoods for a consultation regarding a seborrheic keratosis (sometimes called a senile wart as they are more prevalent in older people) which had been getting larger. Barbara was able to safely remove it in a procedure which only lasted a few minutes. The area had healed completely within 2 weeks and has left the merest of blemishes in its place. I was absolutely delighted with the service received in the very pleasant and quiet surroundings of the clinic in the village of Aston. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone."

    Andrew Montague

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